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Metal T-shirt. Metal Box. Metal Friend.

Ruud, Enes and Sharon at Manchester Academy

2011 was the most intense year I ever lived. From revolution to fatherhood, my emotions could not have endured much more.  As the year drew closer to an end, I struck lucky twice in an oddly remarkable way. I was preparing to return to Libya in December, after being away for over a decade. My time in the UK was not particularly lucrative. Nonetheless, buying gifts for old friends was among my greatest priorities.

I sent a message to several friends in Libya in which I asked if there was anything specific that I could get them. The majority insisted on me not getting them anything and took the opportunity to wish me a safe journey back. Barely a handful asked for the simplest bits and pieces that were generally unavailable in Libya. Notably, one of my dearest friends, Ali, asked for a T-shirt. He sent me a link to a site that it was available at. The T-shirt was for ‘The Unforgiving’ album by ‘Within Temptation’, one of his favourite bands.

A co…

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