Mindful Arrival

Kindly abide, take it in your stride
Take it with a pinch of salt, you’re told, you’ll enjoy the ride
We own the truth, we have nothing to hide
We are the sole source of morality, righteousness and pride
The highest of powers is on our side
Hold your thoughts in your hands; they can be severed or tied

Take no note of what others claim
Their flesh is made impure for us to denounce and maim
No need to speak of their senses or call them by name
Their very existence is the epitome of insignificance, pretence and shame
Dare you question or counter our heavenly claim
Our conquest is foretold, us and them are not the same
With every surge of instability we mindfully arrive at our selfless aim
We arrive at the uncertainty we inherently self-proclaim

Where identity and economy insidiously converge
Where horrors of our history consistently re-emerge
Where destiny is determined both by ego and by urge
Where peace is nonexistent; yet, we bicker at its verge


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  2. Thank you both for leaving your comments! There's a first time for everything, I guess, and I have never had any comments left on my blog before:-( I kind of gave up on checking a while back:-)

    Tim, thanks for the contact link. I would be delighted to join your forum. I hope to be in touch soon.

    All the best,


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